Showers Pass - The Transit Backpack- Big. Wateproof. For Cyclists

The Transit Waterproof Backpack by Showers Pass

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This Showers Pass Transit backpack is as big as they come. It reminds me of the huge backpacks bicycle delivery guys carry around the city.

The main area is waterproof and pretty huge, providing you with high-capacity storage space that can carry whatever you need.

Showers pass Transit backpack
It feels comfortable on the back.

Just as Showers Pass itself says: “Inspired by the challenging rides and variable conditions of the Pacific Northwest, Showers Pass has been combining high-performance materials with innovative functional design for cyclists since 1997.”

The Transit backpack is the perfect representation of this quote in real life. It features a design that’s ideal for regular daily use and for longer trips and adventures.

Showers Pass breaks the boundaries that conventional backpacks have by introducing numerous innovative solutions that completely change the game.



The Transit has 4 beacon LEDs which you can put on if you want (batteries included). They have three working modes: on/off – constant – flashing. The manufacturer claims they last for up to 240 hours in the flashing mode and up to 120 hours in the constant mode. You can also buy additional lights.

They’re ideal to keep you easily seen on the road either at night or in the conditions of reduced visibility.

Showers pass Lights
Four LEDs totally help you stay visible!


Size & Specs

This bag is quite big. I am 6’4″ tall, and as you can see, its length spans from the top to the bottom of my torso. Consequently, it has a massive storage area which can fit whatever you need.

Showers pass Transit size
It is bulky, no doubt

Its height is 20″, width is 13.75″, and the depth is 8″. As you know, the Transit is 100% waterproof thanks to a fully welded construction with a single-side TPU waterproof coating.

The construction is completely self-supported due to welded seams, which makes it incredibly easy to load it and unload it as it won’t fall over. Even if you drop it, your fragile belongings will stay protected inside.


Showers pass Transit cycling bag
Waist strap can be removed and worn alone as a hip pack. It has two small pockets.

When worn, the waist strap is incredibly useful to keep the backpack from moving around too much, especially if you are carrying something heavy.

However, when you don’t need it, you can easily take it off and leave it at home. You can also wear it separately as a hip pack, to carry a smartphone, keys, money, or other similar small items. Multifunctionality at its best!

Shower pass Transit backpack waterproof area
The main, waterproof area. Two compartments for 10″ and 17″ tablets or notebooks.

The main area of The Showers Pass Transit backpack is definitely the best thing about this product. It’s absolutely huge, so you can easily carry whatever you need in one go.

There is a zippered pocket and clip in the back of the bag for a hydration pack (hydration pack not included).



Inside, you will find two fleece-lined compartments that fit up to 17″ laptop and keep it safe and snuggly. The second fleece compartment is ideal for carrying a 10″ tablet.

You can also use four additional compartments with elastic straps to store water bottles or similar belongings. On the front, there’s a big and stretchy pocket that’s designed to carry your helmet when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t dangle off your handlebar.

Showers pass Transit chest strap
Adjustable click&pull chest straps

The chest straps are also very useful when you pack The Transit heavy. You can easily adjust how high or low you want to wear them or you can remove them completely.

On the side of the backpack, there are adjustable Velcro straps, which you can use to carry a U-Lock or other bulky items.

Showers pass Transit backpack soft pocket
My favorite, soft pockets!

Last but not least, the Showers Pass Transit backpack also comes with soft pockets, which are perfect whenever you don’t know where to put your beanie, cycling gloves, or a bandana.


Waterproof pocket on Showers Pass backpack


  • Capable and spacious (42L)
  • LIGHTS! (Included)
  • Strong materials
  • Waterproof
  • Soft pockets
  • Removable waist strap


  • Quite expensive
  • Very bulky
  • Won’t win any beauty pageants


All in all, the Showers Pass Transit is a fantastic bag if you need lots of storage space and your main focus is functionality. It has plenty of pockets, it’s 100% waterproof, and its sturdy design makes it so easy to load it and unload it.

It’s great for regular city commutes, especially if you frequently ride at night as well. The lights will keep you visible at all times. The only downside of this bag is its high price, which is justified but still might put some people off.

All in all, the Showers Pass Transit is a fantastic bag if you need lots of storage space and your main focus is functionality.

So, to wrap it up, if you liked the bag from what you learned about it – buy it! You will not be disappointed one bit!

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Showers Pass - Transit (42L) Backpack













  • Capable and spacious (42L)
  • Removable waist strap
  • Soft pocket + big waterproof pocket
  • Strong materials


  • Quite expensive
  • Won't win any beauty pageants
  • Very bulky

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