Best Bike Deals (At The Moment)

Best Bike Deals

Updated: December 6, 2018 (Added new deals)

Bike deals are something which is hard to predict. They come and go like great weather and if you are looking for a new bike, there are no good deals.
Since we monitor cycling sites daily, we see often great deals. We decided to gather the best cycling deals, which are currently active.
We got too many e-mails about the question, where should I buy the bike at a great price.

We’ve pushed them to certain reviews by categories but still, there are people who want pick their deals only on sales.

Here we go – It’s time to GO CRAZY! save some money!

Best Bike Deal (at the moment)

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Bicycle Guider Tips for Winning Shoppers

When shopping for the best bike deals, be informed, and follow these basics:
Best Bike Deals buying tips

Check the merchants background

Is the website you are buying from legit? Search for online reviews about the webshop. Do they have delivery problems? Do they have good customer service (and so on)? Fake “e-shops” do exist and especially crop up during shopping holidays like Christmas and Black Friday.

Not everything that glitters is gold

If you find a bike that seems impossibly cheap, there might be something bad behind it. Was it some unsuccessful model, or was there issue with returns? Does it include weak parts? Is there a better alternative model for the same price? Do your homework and figure it out!

Keep in mind the model year

Certain older models might have been found with an insane discount. Bikes with this description normally have some aspect to them that is not good. For instance: If a 2015 model is 50% off, a 2016 model is 30% off, and a 2017 model is 10% off, you’ll need to dig into the bikes’ specs to determine which is the best bike for you.

Enjoy the deals!

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