Best Bike Bells that Fit Every Style | Top 15 Bells for 2024

The Best Bike Bells in 2024: Stylish and Safe Choices for All Bike Types

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Bicycle bells are becoming a must have accessory as we’re seeing more people take to bike lanes and cycle paths than ever before. 

Having a bike bell on your bike is a great accessory to warn other cycle path users to move out of the way.

It’s becoming compulsory in many countries and states to have one. In the Netherlands, all bikes are required to have a bell so that you can warn others of your presence.

The bike bell was first designed in 1877 and is still used to this day. We just have much more advanced versions.


Why are Bike Bells Important?

Bicycle bells are a tool to warn others of your presence politely and that you plan to pass around them. Not only does this mean other road and cycle path users won’t become startled, but it also saves you from having to shout.

Bikes are very quiet, and it can be very easy to go past people without them being able to hear you.

In the past decade, many states in the U.S. have made it a requirement that if you ride a bicycle it should have a bell on or you could face a fine.

This is a brilliant way to rise awareness, as so many people are unaware of cyclists passing by.


Best Bicycle Bells

Now let’s look at some bike bells.

We have split them down into different categories, such as simple classic designs, stylish options, and fun designs, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Simple Classic Designs

Nutcase Helmets Silver Bell

Nutcase silver bell

The Nutcase Helmets Silver bicycle bell is a great example of a simple and stylish brass bell. It’s a small bell in size and easy to fit with a simple wrap-around screw-on system. It has a classic look, there’s something lovely about a silver finish giving it a classic statement.

It has a simple dome sound function which means you pull the button back, and it hits the dome creating the bicycle bell sound. Coming in at a good value-for-money price, it is well worth every cent.

If you’re looking for classic style and practicality, then this is the bell for you.

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Portland Design Works King of Ding II Bike Bell

Portland brass bike bell

The Portland Design Works King of Ding II Bike Bell is a stylish way to finish accessorizing a bike. It’s one of the best-looking classic bikes on this list. The bell is a mix between silver and brass and doesn’t come with any plastic fitment. This means the sound it creates is a very high-pitched ding that will let everyone around you know you’re there.

It is designed for classic bars with a smaller diameter and a small spring system to hit the dome. It sounds great, and it is built to last.

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Lezyne Classic Brass Bell

Lezyne Classic Brass Bell

Lezyne is one of the best suppliers of cycling accessories. They make great accessories to help improve the experience when you’re riding. Their Classic Brass Bell is not only functional but also looks very stylish.

Unlike the other bells we have spoken about before, it mounts with a strap fitment, meaning this works with any size of handlebars and can be mounted anywhere on the bike.

It is a small bell, and when used this creates an incredibly high-pitched sound.

Being one of the lowest price bells on this list, it’s a bargain ready for purchase.

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Spurcycle Compact 22.2mm Mountain Biking Bell

Spurcycle bell

Maybe brass isn’t your color, and you’re looking for something a little more modern and minimal. You also want something loud that will alert people quickly while ripping down a trail.

If so, the Spurcycle Compact 22.2mm is the bicycle bell for you. Not only does it hide on the handlebars well, but it also is super efficient and very loud.

This bell isn’t the cheapest, but the price is justified by quality – this mountain bike bell will work for years and years.

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Timber Mountain Bike Bell

Timber mtb bell

The Timber Mountain bike bell is unlike any other bell on this list. This bike bell is shaped like a cowbell and not like a dome bell. The Timber gives a unique sound and hides under the handlebars.

It’s easy to fit and has a unique button function, making it easy to use on all handlebars, especially flat bars. The Timber can fit all different types of handlebars and takes seconds to mount.

If you’re looking for a unique small bell that sounds epic, then the Timber Mountain Bike Bell should definitely be a consideration.

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Stylish Bells

Spurcycle Raw Bell


If you’re looking for an excellent bicycle bell and are happy to open up the budget, the Spurcycle Raw bell is perfect for you. Small and stylish and perfect for anything from a classy touring bike to an epic road racer.

This bike bell doesn’t have to be mounted on the bars. Can be mounted on the stem and other places on the bike, even on the round tubing of the frame.

A very clean design made of stainless steel and brass, and we love the attachment and the minimal metal strap which wraps around the mount to hold it tight.

The Spurcycle Raw Bell is a good option for classic bikes and a top contender for the best bike bell on this list.

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Knog Oi Luxe Bike Bell

Knog Oi Luxe ring bell

The Knog Oi Luxe bike bell is very special and unlike any other bell on this list. Instead of having a dome like other bells, the Knog Oi Luxe is a full ring wrapped around the handlebars. When the ring is knocked by hitting a switch on the side, it makes a noise.

It comes in two different colors, silver, and black. There are two different sizes to match different handlebars, so whatever bike you have, there’s a Knog Oi Luxe to suit it.

Overall, it’s a great bell that gets people talking when they see it, and it’s priced reasonably.

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Public Bikes LTD Copper Bell

Public LTD bell

The LTD Copper bicycle bell from Public is one of the most stylish bells on this list and definitely makes a statement for whatever bike it is on. Public bikes make great bikes and accessories, and the LTD copper bell is a great example of this. The classy copper dome with a mix of silver components makes this a very stylish bell.

You can see a lot of time has gone into making this small bell look good and be very functional. Best suited to bikes with flat handlebars this bell is really easy to use with its simple press switch mechanism.

It’s ideal for many bikes, and with a reasonable price tag, it’s a great deal for a very high-quality bell.

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Spurcycle Original Bike Bell

Spurcycle Original

The Spurcycle Original bell is not the cheapest, but it is completely worth the cost. It’s very similar to the Spurcycle Raw bell we spoke of earlier, just with a different finish. It’s a stunning bell made of premium brass and stainless steel.

It’s loud and will definitely get the attention of people around you. It’s very easy to fit, and you have multiple options on where to mount this. Some cyclists mount it on the bars. Others we have seen mount it on the stem like a classic mountain bike bell.

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Although an investment, it’s the only MTB bell you will ever need and looks great on any bike.

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Mirrcycle Incredible Omnibell

Incredibell Omnibell

The Mirrcycle Incredible Omnibell is an excellent solution for warning others you’re approaching. The first thing to mention is that it looks great. It has a classic dome style, and they have put some holes in the top to give it a bit of an edge.

It’s very easy to mount with its adjustable rubber strap, which means you have a huge number of options for where to put it on the bike.

Another great feature of this bell is the fact that the button can spin 360 degrees around and work at any point, which adds to this bike bell’s adaptability. This bell is going to work with any bike you have.

Being one of the lowest price bells on this list it offers good value for money. They don’t call this the Mirrcycle Incredible bell for no reason.

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Fun Designs

 Electra Bugle Bike Horn

Electra bike horn

The Electra Bugle bike horn is a fun way of letting people know you’re coming along. It falls into the fun bike bells category for sure.

These horns don’t work like the other bells on this list. Using air instead of vibration by compressing the rubber handle, you force air through the horn and get a deep tone.

What we love about this horn is not just the tone but the comedy value. It sounds amazing, and whenever someone sees it, they just want to try it.

Coming in at such a low price it is a steal and a talking point when riding your bike. This is a great kids’ bike bell and suitable for adults too.

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Public Bikes Pride Bell

Pride bell

If you are looking for a classic bicycle bell to show your support to the community, look no further than the Pride Bell from Public bikes. This bell not only has great construction and is very easy to fit with its solid metal clamp.

This will sit on your handlebars and is easy to use just by pulling the button on the side. It’s a great way to show support while cycling. For such a great price, it’s well worth every cent.

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Dimension Bike Bells

I heart my bike bicycle bell

The Dimension bicycle bells are unlike any other on this list, and the designs are very inventive and boast character. They all come in a dome style, and you have four to choose from. There are several different styles available, like “I heart my bike”, beachball design, and so much more.

They are not only fun designs but made well and a great talking point when out riding. They are made of light steel and plastic and cost a small amount, which makes a great bargain for any cyclist and great as a kids bike bell too.

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AirTag Bike Mount Bell

AirTag Bike Bell

The AirTag bike mount bell is not just a great bell, but it also has a hidden purpose. This bell is made of plastic and steel and mounts to your handlebar easily as a normal bell. It produces a high-pitched noise so that people will hear you from far away. It comes in many different colors and sizes, too, so it can fit any bike.

What makes this so unique is that the bell doubles as a hiding place for an Apple AirTag. So if your bike is stolen, you will easily be able to find your way back to it.

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It’s a place a thief won’t think to look and typically something you wouldn’t remove from a bike. As far as security goes this is the best bike bell.

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Electra Domed Ringer Bike Bell

Electra bike bell

The Electra Domed Ringer bike bell is a very cool product and gives your bike some edge. It’s a classic style dome bell with a high-pitched ring and fits easily onto handlebars with a strong metal clip.

What makes this bell unique is the amazing and crazy designs you get. The cat wearing sunglasses, the donut, the ice cream, the gnome, twin otters, and many more.

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These bike bells have a huge amount of character and something to cheer you up on those tougher rides.

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Choosing The Right Bike Bell

Bicycle bells and horns come in all shapes and sizes. You get small micro bells that work with a classic dome system or electric bells that give us a unique bicycle bell sound we might have never heard before. When looking for bells, we look at the following factors.



The main purpose of a bell is to make a bicycle bell sound, and it’s important to think about the sound it will make and also how loud that sound will be. You want to be able to get people’s attention when coming up close to them without having to shout while using the bell.



A bell doesn’t have to look bland, there are some very stylish bells on the market that actually look incredibly cool, and some of the retro bells add so much character to a bike. Having a bell you like the look of goes a long way to making you want to use it.



How the bell fits is important too. Some are designed to fit in different ways, and it is important to ensure they are compatible with the bike you are using.

Handlebars come in different sizes, so it can be puzzling to figure out where to place one. The bell needs to be easily accessible, so most people place bells next to their grips.



It’s important to consider the price of the bell as well. There are some risks with buying the cheapest available products, the main one being how long will it last. We all want something budget-friendly, but there are so many bike bells in different price ranges. Good bells should last for years and years to come, so we’d like to think it’s an investment.



It completely depends on where you live and where you ride. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, it is compulsory and needs to be loud enough to be heard from 25m away. In some states in the US, such as New York and New Jersey, it's compulsory too. Though in most places, it’s only recommended, and police don’t often enforce it.

Bike bells should be used when you're trying to alert someone that you are coming close. A good time to ring your bell is when you are 15-20m behind the people you want to warn, giving them the time to move out of the way.

A bike bell should be loud enough for someone to hear but not too loud that it surprises or scares them. Some bells on the market are electric and go as loud as 125db, which is too much. It is recommended for bike bell sounds to be around 25-50db.

A bell is best mounted on your handlebars next to your grips. Having it next to grips makes it easier and safer to use. Anywhere else can be a stretch, and it means you have to remove your hands away from the brakes, which isn’t ideal.


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