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Review of Lectric XPremium

Review of Lectric XPremium  Lectric XPremium is the most affordable mid-drive e-bike, and a high-performing one too. The XPremium offers more than you might expect at the $2000 price point, including dual batteries and a 100+ mile range. Add on the XPremium’s folding e-bike frame, 4” tires, and a mid-drive motor, and you have one of the best... Read More »

Review of Lectric XP Lite

Review of Lectric XP LiteLectric XP Lite offers much more than you would expect at the sub-$900 price point. At that level, it can be difficult to find a nice road bike. But in the Lectric XP Lite, you will get a folding e-bike with 2.4” tires, an LCD display, and a 48v battery with up to 40 miles... Read More »

Review Of Lectric XP 3.0

Review Of Lectric XP 3.0Lectric XP 3.0 is a powerful and smart folding fat-tire e-bike based around practicality, fun, and hard-to-match value. The original Lectric XP e-bike was a huge success, getting thousands of uninitiated riders to jump on the e-biking bandwagon. The original model was followed by Lectric XP 2.0 and now Lectric has released a brand new... Read More »