Review of Priority Classic Plus – 2022

Review of Priority Classic Plus – 2022Priority Classic Plus is an old-school-cool yet modern bicycle that uses a grease-free belt and a rust-free frame to deliver a unique and innovative transportation experience. Priority Classic Plus is the definition of a low-maintenance, feature-rich, and hassle-free city bicycle. This is an elegant and simple commuter that guarantees a comfortable ride as it gets... Read More »

Review of Priority Continuum Onyx

Review of Priority Continuum OnyxPriority Continuum Onyx is the perfect low-maintenance bicycle to navigate an urban jungle year-round. It’s a feature-rich commuter with an attractive price tag. Few commuter bikes have earned a shoutout from such big names as Wired, Gizmodo, Digital Trends, The Manual, Popular Mechanics, and even Playboy. Priority Continuum Onyx is one of them. Whoever gives... Read More »

Review of Priority 600

Review of Priority 600Priority 600 is a maintenance-free and ultra-reliable do-it-all commuter bicycle with no chain and derailleurs, boasting instead a 12-speed Pinion gearbox. Priority 600 is one of the simplest, yet most technologically advanced commuter bicycles you can get today. This is an automotive-inspired bicycle equipped with a Pinion gearbox designed by two former Porsche engineers who... Read More »