Review of Aventon Sinch

Review of Aventon SinchAventon Sinch is truly a one-of-a-kind. This fat tire folding e-bike is one of the most unique bikes you’ve ever seen. These are features that you hardly ever find in the same bike: 40-mile battery range, 4” fat tires, and a folding frame.  Aventon Sinch is foldable, storable, and portable. It’s perfect for commuting and all-weather... Read More »

Review of Aventon Aventure

Review of Aventon AventureAventon Aventure fat tire bike is the cross-country/hybrid electronic bike in Aventon’s lineup. With five pedal assist levels, throttle on demand, and a Class 3 unlock taking the bike up to 28mph, the Aventure is one of the most versatile fat tire e-bikes.  The 26 x 4” tires hint at the wide range of capabilities... Read More »