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Bike Ride Is Crucial For Everyone – Why You Should Cycle

Jeff Balton

Bike ride advantages

We have seen how a bike ride for fun has turned road bikes or mountain bikes into utility machines. With fuel prices going up along with global warming, cycling has given us a green alternative. Now, the ‘youth’ phase has become a practical way of life for adults.

It has also helped people in improving their lifestyles. These lifestyle change has provided valuable benefits for people of all ages.

Cycling is not hard to learn.

It gives us several benefits which will be discussed further. For people who are new to cycling, then this article is going to help you. Below are several benefits of cycling and why a bike ride is crucial for everyone.


A Bike Ride Can Make You Happy

This statement is true.

Cycling can get blood pumping. The positive effects of cycling on the body are numerous, you can get fit and tone your muscles, lose weight, and feel better overall. 

It also releases the so-called happy hormones. For some people, cycling is a form of fitness. It is more fun than going to the gym. A bike ride takes you to different places. It also helps you get from one venue to another.

It enables you to transport your goods without the aid of a motorized vehicle. In short, your bike is a practical fitness tool. It is not intrusive because it does not take a lot of space. One of the most famous bicycles to travel all over the country is the folding bike.

You can fold it and push it under a table, you can take it on a train or bus ride. You can even ride an airplane with it. Exploring different places can remove stress. For people who want to improve their image, cycling can help reduce weight.

With all these improvements in a practical and physical sense, cycling can make one happy. It is done by improving one’s life.


A Bike Ride Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint and Ease Urban Traffic

Your strength is the only thing you need to ride your bike.

With no need for fuel or electricity, you help reduce the global carbon footprint. If we look at countries like Holland and Belgium, cycling is the primary transportation means.

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Children ride their bikes to school. Older people ride bikes to do their groceries.

People in suits ride bikes to go to work. There is less noise pollution. Noise pollution is caused by loud vehicles and the continuous honking of their horns. Motorized vehicles are noisy, and they emit carbon monoxide. Noise and poisonous gases can worsen a person’s physical and mental health.


Riding Your Bike Can Change Your Perspective and Priorities

There are people whose lives have been altered by cycling.

For example, it helped them cope with the grief of losing someone. For others, cycling has changed their perspective. It led them to places they never imagined they’d visit. When we commute, we only follow the route from point A to point B. Cycling gives us the option for diversion.

bikes for rent

It enables us to visit parks, streets, the new place we never thought existed. Commuting with a motorized vehicle can cost you fuel, maintenance, and transportation fee. These concerns disappear with cycling. Some people reduced their habits of spending because it changed their priorities.

Sometimes we buy things to compensate for that feeling of emptiness. Cycling can alter these feelings. By being happy, we no longer need to spend money on material things. Our focus now becomes our well-being and also the beauty of the world.


Getting Into Riding the Bicycle: Learning the Basics for Newbies

There is a global trend: Everyone is starting to ride bikes. Even those who have never ridden bikes as kids are now learning how to do it. Is learning how to ride a bike later in life that hard? The answer is no. It only takes a week or two for people with balance issues to master cycling basics.

Suppose the learner has the drive and passion for being good at bikes. There are steps that a beginner should know first before heading into the world with two wheels:


Know Why You Want to Learn How to Ride Bikes

Is it for the trend? Many people get into cycling for the social benefits it can provide. When the majority of your friends have a bicycle, then learning to ride one is fun. You can then go out with them on a weekend ride. The bonus is that you are already friends, so spending time with them is a blast.


The Different Types of Bikes For You: Choose The Right One

City Bikes, Hybrids, or Cruisers

City bikes for bike ride
If you are learning it for transportation, then choose a suitable bike for your lifestyle.

For example, city bikes or cruisers are great as transportation bikes. They have an upright sitting position, which is excellent in navigating the traffic. They also have racks, baskets, or carriers so that you can stack your belongings on the bike. Beach cruisers are another variant.

They are popular due to their wider tires and relaxed geometry.

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Road Bikes

Road bikes
If you are riding for fitness and sport, then you need a different bike.

Riding for fitness demands speed. You can either choose a road bike or a mountain bike. A road bike is light, fast, and is excellent in reaching long distances.

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It is a kind of bike that demands you to sit in an aggressive position. The aerodynamic position allows you to combat wind resistance. This is also a kind of bike for advanced riders. It is meant to be ridden on pavements. The other variant of this kind of bike is the cyclocross and gravel bikes.

These bikes have wider tires, but the frame and geometry are very similar. You need to decide if this is the route you are going for when learning to ride the bike. Road bikes are sporty bikes. They are built for more speed than a day-to-day errand or urban cruise, although many people love their style. Fixed gear bikes are also another variant of road bikes. They are the grandfather of road bikes. These are single-speed bikes that don’t allow you to coast. The gears turn with the pedal.

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These are minimalist and low-maintenance bikes. They are great for urban environments. Bike messengers use them because they need little maintenance compared to geared bikes. Fixed gear bikes or fixies are for advanced riders because they require specific skills to be ridden.


Mountain Bikes

Adventure bikes

Mountain bikers are the most laid-back tribe in the whole bike community. These are great for trail adventures. They also offer you a chance to get to know places that you cannot usually visit with a car. Mountain bikes are fun and too comfortable.

The comfort comes from the wider tires and suspension. Mountain bikes are divided into different categories. We will not go into that because it might take the entire page to talk about them. The wider tires give you the ability to ride through sand, rock gardens, gravel, and all sorts of rugged terrain.

These days people use mountain bikes as their commuters as well as fun bikes.

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The bigger tires allow the rider safety from potholes. They are also a comfort to ride. Perhaps we can assume that the mountain bike is the most versatile bike of all.



After mastering how to ride your bike, you should also realize it needs proper care—all the more reason to do so when you are using it as your daily grinder. There are things you need to do to ensure your bike stays running.

Learn basic repair

This one includes repairing flats or being able to make little adjustments. Having tools of different sizes can save you money. For example, having a floor pump is essential, especially for road tires where you need a higher PSI.

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The three-way hex wrench is also handy for those times when you need to loosen or tighten bolts and screws. You might also need a spoke wrench if you need to ensure all your spokes are aligned. If you want to learn more tools in your necessary bike repair, then consult YouTube and Google.

Take care of your drivetrain. Your drive train is the most’ used and abused’ part of your bicycle.

It is composed of parts that are in constant motion. The drivetrain is also vulnerable to dirt and grime due to the lubricant. Cleaning your drivetrain often will save you money.

Ensure that nuts and bolts are of the right tightness.

Don’t loosen or over-tighten them. They are what holds the breaks, the wheel hubs, the saddle, and handlebars in place.

Check your brakes. If you are using hydraulic disc brakes, then make sure they are refilled. Never spill oil on your brakes. The same goes for caliper and v-brakes. Make sure they are cleaned. Dirt and oil can make the brakes weak and noisy. Ensure that they are tightened and angled correctly.

Inflate your tires in the recommended psi. Tire pressure is necessary to keep your tires rolling. Road tires need higher pressure. Observe pressure recommendation on the tire itself. Mountain bikes need lower pressure so you won’t be bouncing all over the place.

Get your bike serviced once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of use.

Observe proper saddle angle. There is no right or perfect saddle angle. We all have different bone structures, so the saddle must be angled based on your comfort. Not putting your saddle correctly will result in lower back problems. It might also cause numb hands. Numb hands result from saddle tip that’s pointed down, so the pressure moves to the handlebars.


Misc things you need to learn as a new cyclist

Learn all the hand signs and rules of the road. This technique will keep you safe and visible on the road. Stay predictable; this will prevent accidents. Wear clothing that provides visibility. This is crucial in rainy weather. Wear your helmet.

Wear cycling attire suited for your cycling lifestyle. If you are doing a long-distance ride on a road bike, then wearing lycra is essential. Cycling clothing will keep your body cool and dry your sweat quickly. Wearing padded bike shorts will prevent soreness and chafing. Refill your water bottle and bring energy gels when you are on a long-distance ride.

Be friendly to everyone on the road. Learn to be polite towards other cyclists. This behavior creates a pleasant atmosphere. Be friendly and offer help always, because you don’t know when you will need help.



bike ride for couples

Bike rides are crucial these days because they offer many benefits.

These are health, transportation, and environmental benefits. Bike rides also get you to meet new friends. The activity helps support your city in any way.

A bike ride supports your local cafes where you stop by to refuel after a ride. Cycling also makes your city more green as it reduces the need for motorized vehicles. Cycling also keeps the body fit because exercise is good for the brain and heart.

If you have been living a sedentary life for years, then it is time to learn how to ride a bicycle. You will be surprised at the improvements it can bring to your life. These improvements are both personal and social. People who ride bikes often meet many people and are well-acquainted with the local events.

Cycling has proven that the bike is one of the greatest inventions of humankind.

And now, go out and ride a bike!

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