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Review of Juiced RipCurrent

Review of Juiced RipCurrentThe Juiced RipCurrent is a hugely versatile fat tire e-bike designed for all-terrain riding. With a number of impressive features and electronic assistance, you can adventure for hours on the Juiced RipCurrent e-bike. No longer constrained to city streets and bike paths, the Juiced RipCurrent merges fat tires into the electric bike world, creating a... Read More »

Review of Juiced CrossCurrent

Review of Juiced CrossCurrentJuiced CrossCurrent is a high-speed Class-3 hybrid e-bike perfect for commutes, running errands, or riding across the city. What are the top reasons people consider e-bikes? Being able to ride faster and further, maximizing the fun factor, while minimizing suffering. With its 28 mph top speed, 80+ mile maximum range, thumb throttle, and feature-rich build,... Read More »

Review of Juiced Scrambler

Review of Juiced ScramblerThe Juiced Scrambler series breaks the e-bike mold by offering 30+ mph speeds and 100+ miles of range in a head-turning moped-style package.  Juiced Scrambler and HyperScrambler 2 e-bikes go all-in on speed, power, and range. But they don’t skimp on the wow! factor either. If you buy one, get ready to answer the mandatory... Read More »

Review of Juiced Scorpion

Review of Juiced ScorpionJuiced Scorpion blurs the line between an e-bike and an electric moped due to its unique design and 30+ mph speeds.  Actual electric mopeds are fun, fast, and super practical. However, they are a pain in the neck to register and comply with often dubious state laws and regulations. On the other hand, a moped-style... Read More »