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Review of Retrospec Harper

Review of Retrospec HarperRetrospec Harper is simple, affordable, and very good-looking. But what kind of quality does this fixie/single-speed bike come with? We answer this and more in our detailed review below. Regular commuting on rough city streets requires a special kind of bicycle. Commuter bikes take a lot of abuse, endure rain and grit, scratches and falls,... Read More »

Best Fixed-Gear Bikes For Riding Around Town [2023]

Best Fixed-Gear Bikes For Riding Around Town [2023]A fixed-gear bicycle is the simplest, purest, and oldest way of cycling. It eliminates all redundancies and puts the ultimate focus on the bike and the riding experience. Fixed-gear bicycles date back to the 19th century, making them the original predecessor to the huge variety of bicycles we have today. Though dated, this cycling dinosaur... Read More »

6KU Urban Track & Urban Fixie Review

6KU Urban Track & Urban Fixie Review6KU Urban Track & Urban Fixie is a dream-come-true for any urban cyclist looking for an affordable bike for short commutes and leisure rides. These bikes look good, ride well, and feature flip-flop hubs.   Sometimes, we like to keep an eye out on the bikes available on Amazon. The reason is quite simple —... Read More »