Devinci Bikes Brand Review — Canadian-Made with Lifetime Warranty

Comprehensive Review of Devinci Bikes: High-Quality Canadian-Made Bikes

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devinci mountain bike
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Devinci is a premium Canadian bicycle brand with manufacturing facilities in Canada. It builds different types of quality bikes with top-tier Shimano, SRAM, Maxxis, and RockShox components. 

Devinci was founded in 1987 as an aluminum road bike manufacturer but went on to include other types of bicycles in its lineup as well. Today, it focuses on high-performance MTBs but dabbles in road, city, and electric categories as well.

Devinci is a sort of a unicorn in the cycling industry. It is one of the rare manufacturers that hasn’t moved its entire production business overseas. Instead, the majority of its bikes are built at home, in Canada.

Lifetime warranty and innovative technologies are also important features on the long list of selling points that make Devinci bikes stand out in the oversaturated cycling market.


Devinci Cycles Background

Devinci Bikes logoDevinci Bikes was established in Chicoutimi, Quebec in 1987, at which time it was called Da Vinci. The company was a brainchild of two local engineering students with a passion for cycling. However, not long after, entrepreneur Felix Gauthier decided to enter the business as well.

In 1990, Felix bought half of the company and renamed it Devinci, whereas today he has sole ownership of the business.

In the beginning, Devinci manufactured aluminum road bikes but soon evolved to also incorporate carbon frames and dual-suspension MTB lineups. Nowadays, the company is home to cutting-edge R&D facilities and proudly stamps the “Made in Canada” badge on its frames.

It’s important to note that not ALL Devinci bikes are made in Canada. However, MOST of them are produced there. Some Canadian-native models include Marshal, Kobain, Wilson, Spartan, Minus, Sabbath, AC, DC, and EP lineups.

Devinci also has a long racing tradition, as it has been sponsoring award-winning athletes since its inception. Some of the most accomplished cyclists who are part of the Devinci family include Greg Callaghan, Georgia Astle, Keegan Wright, Patrick Laffey, and many others.



Devinci Bikes: Categories and Lineups

Devinci’s selection of bikes has a little bit of something for everyone. The company is most famous for its hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes, but it produces road, gravel, city, electric, and kids’ bikes as well.

Despite being made in Canada, Devinci bikes are not too expensive. You get great value for your money reflected in advanced R&D processes, as well as in top-end components from Shimano, SRAM, Maxxis, RockShox, Fox, and so on.


Devinci Electric Bikes

Devinci Hatcher electric bike
The Hatcher electric bike

Devinci did not stay immune to the e-bike frenzy and decided to jump on the electric bandwagon. The Electric lineup is diverse, consisting of gravel, hybrid, and mountain bikes. So no matter what type of riding you prefer, you’ll be able to get some assistance when going uphill.

All Devinci e-bikes weigh around or well under 50 lbs, which is pretty decent in the e-bike world.

All models feature extremely high-quality Shimano STEPS 250W motors with 60–80Nm of torque, as well as 400–500Wh batteries. These are mid-drive motors and the batteries are integrated or semi-integrated, which are both big positives.

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Devinci Mountain Bikes

Devinci Django trail bike
Devinci Django trail bike

The Mountain bike category has the richest selection of models including different intended uses, materials, and geometries. Moreover, the majority of Devinci mountain bikes are made in Canada.

Devinci makes trail, enduro, XC, all-mountain, downhill, pump track, and fat mountain bikes from aluminum and carbon, with hardtail and full-suspension setups. Most of the models also come in different builds, so you can choose the components based on your budget and preferences.

Some of the most popular models in this category are Marshall, Django, Troy, Spartan, and so on. All models feature high-quality RockShox and Fox suspension, and mid-range to high-end SRAM and Shimano components.

These bikes are perfect for professional riders and intermediate shredders who are riding for fun and excitement.

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Devinci Road & Gravel Bikes

Devinci Hatchet gravel bike
The Hatchet gravel bike

Devinci does not specialize in road bikes, so the selection for road and gravel enthusiasts is not huge. At the moment of writing this review, the lineup consisted of two Hatchet gravel bikes.

These are available with both carbon and aluminum frames, equipped with Shimano GRX or 105 groupsets. Therefore, these are mid-range models ideal for enthusiasts or amateur gravel racers.

Gravel riding has become incredibly popular in recent years, so it’s nice that Devinci is catering to the needs of such riders as well. It used to offer pure road bikes as well, so hopefully, these will be available once again in the future.


Devinci City & Cycle Path Bikes

Devinci Cartier hybrid bike
Devinci Cartier hybrid bike

In addition to high-end specialty bikes, Devinci also makes entry-level and mid-range fitness and commuter bicycles.

These models are ideal for everyday exploitation in large cities with busy traffic or smooth bike paths. The most popular models are Hex, Cartier, and Milano, all three of which have aluminum frames and Shimano components.

If commuting and riding along cycle paths is the kind of cycling you prefer, you’ll like Devinci’s City and Hybrid bikes.

Devinci City bikes feature relaxed upright geometry, wide yet sleek tires, and high-quality components. These are affordable options for those who don’t want to break the bank but would love to ride more, drive less, and get fit and healthy.


Devinci Junior Bikes

Devinci Ewok
Devinci Ewok 26″ Kids’ bike

Devinci’s lineup includes bikes for junior cyclists as well. These bikes might be small, but they offer an adult level of performance.

These models are available with 24″, 26″, and 27.5″ wheels and tires. Therefore, they’re available for kids of different ages and heights.

The Junior section conveniently includes full-suspension, hardtail, and rigid models, with RockShox and Suntour suspension, as well as with Shimano drivetrains.

These are definitely kids’ bikes that will last and endure years of abuse.


Devinci Bikes Sizing

Devinci Bikes has a unique and very convenient way of showing you the right frame size based on your height for all of their models.

Devinci Bikes Sizing

All you need to do is select your height from a drop-down menu in the Frame & Geometry section and the website will automatically suggest the correct frame size for you.

If you are in-between two sizes, the algorithm will recommend both sizes to choose from. For example, I am 6’2″ and I often saw both L and XL in the results, at which point you will have to decide on your own.

The good news is that these bikes are available from Devinci bike dealers, so you can test ride its bikes if you live near a dealership.


Lifetime Warranty

Long gone are the days when the majority of bike manufacturers issued lifetime warranties on their frames. However, Devinci is one of the rare brands that still do that.

Devinci guarantees a lifetime warranty to the first owner on all of their frames against all manufacturing defects. Devinci promises to repair or replace any frame that shows a manufacturing defect.

However, in order to be able to claim the warranty, your Devinci bike needs to be made after 2006 and bought from an authorized dealer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Devinci bikes below.

Devinci is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality bicycles intended for enthusiasts and professional riders. The company partners with some of the most renowned component manufacturers in the industry, such as SRAM, Shimano, RockShox, Fox, Maxxis, and so on. They build high-performance bikes that last.

The owner of Devinci Bikes is Felix Gauthier. The company was founded by two engineering students in 1987, but Felix bought 50% of the company in 1990, and later on the remaining 50%. Devinci is a rare cycling company that has not been acquired by one of the cycling conglomerates.

Even though many Devinci bikes are made in Canada, the carbon frames are actually made in Asia. The frames are manufactured under Devinci’s supervision and quality control and are then shipped to Canada for assembly and final inspection. The aluminum frames, however, are made in Canada.

According to the official information, Devinci makes most of its bikes in Canada. But some of them are made overseas. The carbon frames are manufactured in Asia and the bikes are assembled in Canada, whereas aluminum frames are still made in Canada.

Yes, Devinci manufactures different types of e-bikes, including gravel, mountain, and hybrid. Devinci’s e-bikes have mid-drive Shimano STEPS 250W motors with 40–60 Nm of torque and feature 400–500Wh batteries. These are high-quality electric bicycles with reasonable prices and brand-name components.


Final Thoughts

Devinci Bikes stands out from the majority of big-name cycling brands in many ways. It is a relatively small, privately-owned Canadian company that still makes many of its frames in Canada. Most other brands have moved their entire production overseas a while ago. It is also one of the rare brands that provide a lifetime warranty for all of its frames.

Devinci bikes brand review

Devinci bikes are not too expensive yet feature reliable components from trustworthy partners in the industry. The company’s lineup is not huge, but there’s enough diversity for the majority of riders out there to find something that fits their needs.

If there’s an authorized Devinci dealer nearby, we recommend going for a spin. If there’s not, you can trust our words for it and order online.

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6 thoughts on “Comprehensive Review of Devinci Bikes: High-Quality Canadian-Made Bikes

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. DeVinci sold me a 2019 Hatchet on their lifetime warranty. I rode the bike not even 20 times when I went over a speed bump (something I’ve done thousands of times on other bikes). The impact, which was hardly even noticeable cracked the carbon frame and popped off a chip of paint.

    These jokers told me “I very likely crashed it” and said it would cost 875USD to replace the worthless frame. Now they are having me drive 6 hours across the state to go to the original shop where I bought it, so they can take it apart at their “R&D” and tell me its not covered under warranty.


  2. Hello, it says that the carbon frames are manufactured in Asia and the bikes are assembled in Canada. The aluminum frames are made in Canada.

    1. Hi Kosta,
      Did you go to the official website? It says that “Trust: Made in Canada.

      Every day our staff proudly make Devinci bikes in our Canadian factory. We firmly believe in making the most reliable, highest-performing bike, backed by a lifetime warranty, that’s worth every penny. Our commitment to quality and value means we make the right bike in the right factory. Sometimes the right factory is overseas. So, while we don’t make ALL of our bikes in Canada, we make MOST of them here.

      This is the story of the dedicated people and the diligent process behind every Canadian-made Devinci bike.”

      It still goes through quality control so I would trust it 😉

  3. Hello,

    I have recently bought a Devinci Leo 105m and love the bike. I was just wondering in which Asian country was the carbon fram manufatured?

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