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Here are best Amazon Road bikes – suggested by us.

Tommaso Monza Review

Tommaso Monza ReviewTommaso Monza is a road bike coming from the popular Italian manufacturer, offering premium performance and excellent components for a very tempting price. If you’re planning to take your cycling practice a step further, increase distance and speed, you should be looking at Tommaso Monza. It will give you an edge over your competition if... Read More »

Diamondback Haanjo & Haanjenn Overview

Diamondback Haanjo & Haanjenn OverviewDiamondback is a brand that has been a fixture in the BMX and leisure spaces, but they have been making road bikes since 1990 and sponsor Rally Cycling, one of the best teams in the USA. The Haanjo represents something new for the brand, a foray into the gravel/adventure bike market. According to Diamondback, Haanjo... Read More »

Tommaso Imola Review

Tommaso Imola ReviewFor people who are looking for a quality budget road bike, this Tommaso Imola might be for you (It also won our road bikes test!) Tommaso Imola is one of the most popular budget road bikes out there. It’s really good-looking and for the little money that you need to invest in it, you get... Read More »

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c Review

Giordano Libero is one of the best bikes you can get for much less than $500 if you are a beginner looking for your first road bike ever. This Giordano Libero 1.6 is the father of them all and it is back with a bang! This beautiful bike is designed to offer convenience and durability... Read More »

What Road Bike Upgrades Fit to Your Bike

Updated: January, 2017 You have just bought your new pride and joy, whilst in the shop, you were surrounded by all kinds of exotica and you are already thinking of what road bike upgrade to fit on your bike. You want to know what can and will make a difference, basically the best bang for... Read More »

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

GMC Denali Road Bike ReviewIMPORTANT! Currently unavailable! Read best road bikes for beginners review Even though this bike has a GMC badge it’s produced by Kent International. In my opinion, this is a good sign since a company, with many years of experience, is producing the bikes, and it’s not a company that, although they might be very good... Read More »

Tommaso Forcella Review

Tommaso Forcella ReviewTommaso Forcella is a dream come true for riders on a tight budget looking for a quality road bike. Tommaso has designed a road bike for all of those who are looking to upgrade their standard road bike. It is an entry-level road bike with several features that put it in the same range with... Read More »

Diamondback 2015 Century 1 Review

Diamondback 2015 Century 1 ReviewCurrently unavailable – read other Diamondback Road Bike reviews Diamondback 2015 Century 1 is an endurance and well-performing road bike. It is designed for the rider who is looking for an alternative to the stereotype fit and high prices of top end race oriented bikes. Based on Diamondback’s Enhanced Performance Geometry (DEPG), it incorporates a longer... Read More »

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