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How Can Cyclists Support Ukraine

How Can Cyclists Support UkraineOn February 24th, 2022, President Putin issued the order to invade Ukraine and the world has not been the same since. With many of us wanting to offer some support, being cyclists, it’s natural to think, how we can support Ukraine? There are several ways we, as cyclists, can do our bit to show support... Read More »

Power To Weight Ratio Explained

Power To Weight Ratio ExplainedThe term “power-to-weight ratio” has become synonymous with cycling. You won’t hear it in any other sport or any other facet of life. Power-to-weight ratio – typically described in terms of Watts per kilogram – is one of the most important performance metrics in cycling, and is often the difference between amateurs and professionals. Cycling... Read More »

Will Bikes Ever Be Back in Stock Again?

Will Bikes Ever Be Back in Stock Again?It’s clear that the bike industry is in a rough spot right now — the demand is far greater than the supply. Will bikes ever be back in stock? This is the big question that both consumers and retailers want an answer to. We share our predictions below. As we all know, everyone and their... Read More »

Bike Gears Explained – How To Use Them Efficiently

Bike Gears Explained – How To Use Them EfficientlyBike gears are one of the most astonishing innovations in all of cycling. Gears allow us to pedal easier on the uphills, find our ideal cadence no matter the gradient, and sprint as fast as we can. Shifters have come a long way in the past few decades. You can now shift gears at the... Read More »