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Orbea Loki 27+ H30 (2018)

Today, we are going to review another bike from Orbea, the Loki 27+ H30. We have been getting many requests to review this bike, and finally, we have it today. Keep the review requests coming!

The Frame

Orbea Avant H30 2018The heart of a bike is always the frame. If you can choose a frame that is perfect according to your need, you are going to love riding your bike. The Orbea Loki 27+ H30 comes with a triple butted hydroformed alloy frame. That is an advantage than other double butted alloy frames. Triple Butted frames are lighter between the two. Who does not want a lighter bike?

Moreover, the bike also comes with a unique double duty 29″ & 27.5+ design. You can pair any 27.5inch or 29-inch tires with this bike. For people who like flexibility, it is a significant advantage. For example, I do not always like to ride 29” as it requires more power to peddle. It can be an excellent addition for fun times.

The bike offers internal cable routing for the drive train and dropper posts. Therefore, you do not need to bother about cleaning the bike every single day.

See on JensonUSA.com


Orbea Loki H30 27+ gray 2018

Gray model is also available

Orbea has chosen the best in the class fork for this bike. RockShox is arguably the best fork maker. Orbea has equipped Loki 27+ with RockShox Recon RL 130mm Air Fork. You should know by this time that air forks are better than spring forks. (On the downside, air forks are costlier). The air chamber allows more room to experiment with more compression. The RockShox Recon showed fantastic shock absorption and great response when we tested it.

Also, the 130mm travel gives you enough reception for even the worst roads. You can even lock out the fork if you are going on city streets for higher speed.


Crankset & Bottom Bracket

The bike provides Prowheel Charm-TT Boost 32t crankset. Crankset is an important aspect of a bike. If you are planning to use the cycle for the next few years, you have to have a crankset that can withstand time & rough usage.

These are cold forged solid crank arms complemented with a steel spindle. The crank comes complete with a steel shimano bottom bracket, and CNC finished AL7075 stamped chainrings. The Shimano bottom bracket should work well in dirty and muddy condition if properly taken care.

Shifters & Derailleurs

The third most important feature of a bike is its shifters. The industry has silently given Shimano a nod, but SRAM is also quite popular in this aspect. Orbea Loki comes with Shimano Shimano SLX M7000 shifters. Shimano SLX is the latest and one of the best shifters in the market. You can expect a smooth gear shifting experience without any hiccup.

The new shifters feature an improved vivid index mechanism. It reduces your shift effort with the help of low-friction OPTISLICK cable. Shimano SLX M7000 GS Shadow Plus is used as the rear derailleur. The M7000 is the flagship series of Shimano. The performance is top-notch on this one.

See on JensonUSA.com

Wheelset & Tires

Orbea Loki H27+ H30 2017 model

The 2017 Model

Hate flat tires? Want to try tubeless wheels? With Orbea Loki 27, you can. It’s not written but it will work!

Orbea has executed a beautiful merger of technology and traditional biking. You can try both tubeless and traditional wheels with this bike. Again, who does not love to have options in hand?

For tires, Kenda is our favorite brand. I enjoyed using their inexpensive Kenda Havok 27.5×2.8″ tires. You cannot go wrong with these tires!



Shimano also handles the brake system. The bike uses Shimano M365 Hydraulic Disk Brake. I have used Shimano’s mechanical disk brake for years, and I loved them. M365 is used by many bikes in this range too. So, you do not need to worry about the brake system either. We are pretty sure; it will provide a stable performance.

On the whole, the ORBEA LOKI 27+ H30 is an excellent bike for this price. I loved their frame geometry. Moreover, being able to use both 27.5” and 29” is a plus for me. Also, going tubeless is also a major selling point of this bike. This is a great bike for off-roading, and I would love to use it. The only downside is the weight. The weight measures about 14.06 kg. I would have loved more if it was under 13.5kg.

Nonetheless, it is a great buy for the price!

Diamondback Haanjo Overview

Diamondback are a brand who have long been a fixture in the BMX and leisure spaces, but they have been making road bikes since 1990 and sponsor Rally Cycling, one of the best teams in the USA. The Haanjo represents something new for the brand, a foray into the gravel / adventure bike market.

What’s a Gravel Bike?

Diamondback Haanjo CompGravel bikes are an increasingly popular choice as they offer a “one bike solution” to the needs of many consumers. Wider tire clearances mean that trails, dirt roads and singletrack are all easily rideable, and they also make riding on bumpy and poorly surfaced tarmac much more enjoyable.

Disc brakes improve braking on and off road and the slightly more relaxed gearing and geometry works well on a casual coffee shop ride or a full on mountain assault.

This new genre of bikes has given a space for many new brands, such as Open and 3T to take ownership of a market that major companies have shown some reluctance to get into. Often, this has resulted in gravel bikes being less than affordable, which is where Diamondback come in. The huge buying power of the brand, their experience working with carbon, and a pretty clear demand for bikes like this makes for an incredible value proposition like the Haanjo / Haanjen bikes for men and women respectively.

We tested the Haanjo Carbon Comp, which sits at the top of the line and comes in at $2,199. For the money, it offers a pretty appealing spec from name brands. A Shimano groupset, Hed wheels, TRP brakes and Schwalbe tires all come from recognizably quality brands and had us excited to get out on the road less travelled to test it.


The Specs

Diamondback Haanjenn

Women top-line Haanjenn Comp

Shimano’s great value 105 groupset offers reliably high quality shifting across the huge range of the 1—32 cassette and the 46/36 chainrings.

At first the high gear of a 46×11 looked small, but the combination of the larger tires (700x40c) and the nature of the rides we took this bike on (mostly off road or on dirt roads) meant that we were never left wanting a higher gear.

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We certainly appreciated the 36×32 on double digit gradients with low traction.

The wheels promised a lot, Hed wheels are normally associated with bikes that cost 3 or 4 times the price of this one. They were solid performers but much improved with the conversion to tubeless. Schwalbe’s G- One tires are excellent, but they really come into their own when run at lower pressures for better grip, sadly with inner tubes this isn’t an option as the likelihood of pinch flats is too high.

Luckily these Hed Tomcat rims, which seem to be made specifically and only for Diamondback, can be converted for very little financial outlay.

TRP’s Spyre discs are well known as one of the best cable actuated discs on the market and, at this price, we struggle to think of a better system. With the flat mount interface on the Haanjo and Haanjen frames, an upgrade wouldn’t be too costly, but would involve changing out the levers as well. We’d suggest you just stick with the stock build as it’s fantastic value and plenty of braking power for on and off-road adventures.

See Haanjo & Haanjenn Bikes on Diamondback.com

The Frame

Diamondback Haanjo Comp

The Haanjo Comp

The frame itself has a fairly relaxed geometry, slightly taller and longer than a traditional cyclocross bike. This makes for a comfortable ride and a lot of stability. The bike handles better off road than many more road-style gravel bikes we have tested, even those of three times the price.

Throw in a third water bottle cage mount, rack and fender compatibility and front and rear thru axles and you have a bike that can commute with you to work on weekdays and handle whatever touring, century rides or epic trail days you have planned for the weekend.

This bike is like Barbie.

You can change its clothes and it becomes a different person. With a set of 700cx28 road tires, it becomes a stable and comfortable endurance road bike. Put a set of 27.5 mountain bike wheels and some wide off road tires on there, and you’ll be keeping up with the dropper post and camelback crowd. The subtle graphics should leave you feeling comfortable wherever you decide to ride.


There are so many models, which should I get?

All Diamondback Haanjo Bikes

Diamondback offer several different trims on the Haanjo, including a flat bar model for just $899 and a bar end shifting 27.5-inch wheeled off road touring model.

Lower down the range, frames are made from 6061 alloy. Although this might not have the same prestige, it offers incredible value and a little less to worry about when “sending” a technical trail. These alloy bikes also weigh less than their carbon counterparts.

We love the understated aesthetics and variety of paint schemes across the range, from matte green to black and yellow to baby blue there is something for whoever you want to be, which is appropriate for a bike that lets you choose which rider you want to be every time you ride it.

At the top of the alloy frame range is the $1499 women’s specific Haanjen Comp,which comes with a similar set up to the Carbon Comp we tested, but subs in SRAM’s incredible 1x Apex groupset for a wide range of gears and only one chainring. This bike also offers hydraulic braking and the same Hed rims and a lighter weight than its carbon stablemate. Looking over the specs, we would probably opt for the cheaper Haanjo/ Haanjen Comp over the more expensive carbon models, spend some of the savings on 2 wheelsets (and a slightly smaller front chainring), and use the rest on a weekend away riding trails!

These bikes aren’t that lightweight, and we think the 44 tooth chainring on the 1x could be swapped for a 42 to help with climbing on the 20+lb models. The 2x models have easier gears, but also tend to weight more.

It’s not all good

A few things on the bike did bother us.

The handlebars are wide, really wide.

This can help on technical trails but 46cm bars on a 56 seems excessive to us. The stem comes in at a pretty short 100mm so this clearly biases the bike towards low speed handling and trail maneuverability but, for our money, a 42 or a 44 bar will give more versatility.

The Haanjo Carbon Comp also downgrades the crankset to an FSA model which doesn’t shift as well as the Shimano equivalent. Fortunately, both of these things can be easily changed for not much money.

See Haanjo & Haanjenn Bikes on Diamondback.com

Should I get one?

The Haanjo is never going to be a bike for everyone, but it is a fantastic bike for many people. It offers amazing value and can easily replace a ‘cross, road and mountain bike in your garage for less than you might spend on any one of them. We think that the alloy comp frame offers the best value in the current line, and when paired with a quiver of wheels, it can help to open up the road less travelled whilst not limiting your performance on the road.



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